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Team of Oxen by Maud Lewis (See under ‘Art Collector’)







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Welcome to At the Sign of the Whale Gallery carrying paintings and original prints by some of Nova Scotia’s  finest artists. At the Sign of the Whale’s online presence is  a continuation of its 33  year storefront gallery which  closed in early 2014. Here owners Michael and Frances Morris  feature many of the well known artists that our  patrons have come to expect as well as some new  names. In addition we offer works from the secondary market under ‘The Collector’.

The popular Yarmouth Landmark (pewter) Ornaments, Yarmouth Tartan and Ancient Atlantic  Tartan are also available from At the Sign of the Whale Gallery.

At the Sign of the Whale Gallery offers appraisals of Canadian art and is an Accredited Member  of the Canadian Association of Personal Property Appraisers. Properly documented appraisals  are available               for insurance, donation, estate disposition, and family division purposes.