Zion United Baptist Church

Each pewter ornament (2 3/8" dia.) is dated and identified on the reverse and comes with a card giving a history of the landmark.

Zion United Baptist Church, originally called the First Baptist Church, was built to replace the church on Main Street located near where the Cenotaph now stands. On July 18, 1895 the cornerstone was laid and on June 17, 1896 the church was dedicated. The pastor was Rev. J. H. Foshay.

The church was built by James E. Huestis of Yarmouth in “Modern Composite” style. Over the years the large rose windows and the stained glass windows were donated by parishioners as memorials to loved ones.

From 1906 on when the Baptists and Free Baptists united, the church was known as Zion United Baptist Church.

It was this congregation which in the nineteenth century helped establish several Baptist churches in Yarmouth Town and County, thus Zion United Baptist Church was regarded as the mother church of the area. In 1997 the congregation celebrated its 200th anniversary. The church was demolished in 2014 because of structural concerns.

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