Sandford Drawbridge

Each pewter ornament (2 3/8" dia.) is dated and identified on the reverse and comes with a card giving a brief history of the landmark.

Around 1915 in the small fishing community of Sandford, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia the entrance to the inner harbour boat hole was widened to admit ten foot wide boats. The boat hole is a shelter for boats and is only accessible at high tide. It was at this time that a drawbridge was built replacing the old footbridge over the entrance. Over the years this tiny drawbridge in its picturesque setting has become a major attraction for the area.

The Shore Road had crossed a culvert between the boat hole and an inner tidal pond until the road was washed out c. 1947. It was at this entrance to the pond where the drawbridge was moved in 1984 and the passages were widened to allow for the 14 to 18 foot wide boats. The pond was then used for boat repair. The drawbridge is accessed on each side by stairs which raise it so it only has to be opened for the tallest of the boats. The stairs also allow the drawbridge section itself to remain the same length as in its old location. The Sandford Drawbridge, often referred to as “The World’s Smallest Drawbridge”, is a “Yarmouth, N.S. Landmark”.

Price: 18.00