Yarmouth High School

Each pewter ornament (2 3/8" dia.) is dated and identified on the reverse and comes with a card giving a brief history of the landmark.

The Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial HighSchool was officially opened on August 15,1950 by The Honorable Angus L. MacDonald,Premier of Nova Scotia. The corner stonenames Eric H. Spinney as Chairman of theSchool Board, Leslie R. Fairn as the architect,and Kenney construction as the builders. Thefirst principal was R.H. Murray; the vice-principal was John Robbins.

The red brick building sits atop “EducationHill” near the site of the Yarmouth Academywhich had burned down on February 20, 1949.The new school with a Georgian style façadewas built in a H shape. It boasted one of thelargest gym-auditoriums of its time in NovaScotia, 13 classrooms, 3 laboratories, a library,Home Economics room, wood working shops, and a cafeteria.

In 1987 a twelve room addition with labs was built.

Having served as the high school for bothYarmouth Town and County and the venue formany concerts and public meetings for a halfcentury, the Y.C.M.H.S. is a well known “Yarmouth, N. S. Landmark”.

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