Herbert Hatt’s resumé

Herbert Hatt


Herbert Hatt (1894 – 1988) was born on Tancook Island, Nova Scotia and died in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. He was designated an honorary member of Nova Scotia Designer Craftsmen for his wood turning. He was one of 50 top craftspeople from across Canada featured in the Massey Foundation’s book The Craftsman’s Way, published in 1981. At the Sign of the Whale Gallery in Yarmouth, N.S. was honoured to host an exhibition of his work in 1986. His fine wood turnings can be found in public and private collections.

Although he was best known for his wood turning Herbert Hatt also was a silversmith, a jeweler (lapidary), and an award winning bee keeper and turned his hand to painting, furniture making, rug braiding, and weaving to furnish his own home. He had a long career in the ministry. At age 93 his autobiography Alive to All True Values was published by Lancelot Press (now available through Doull Books). In his book Herbert writes “My turnings must be usable and at the same time cherishable. The possessor must derive pleasure from the beauty of the object. That definitely bequeaths real meaning to my work at the lathe.”