St. Ambrose Cathederal

Each pewter ornament (2 3/8" dia.) is dated and identified on the reverse and comes with a card giving a history of the landmark.

St. Ambrose Roman Catholic Church on Albert Street was begun in 1889 to replace the old St. Ambrose Church on Barnard Street. The first mass was held at midnight on Christmas Eve of 1889 in the basement and the church was formally dedicated on October 5, 1890 by Archbishop Cornelius O’Brien. The architect, J. C. Dumaresq, designed it in the Richardsonian Romanesque style. James E. Huestis of Yarmouth directed construction. Benjamin Ritchie, also of Yarmouth was responsible for the ornamentation. The parish priest was Fr. Edward J. McCarthy.

In 1908 the church was doubled in length from 75 to 150 feet: the back section of the church was moved backwards and two additional transepts were constructed. The left turret was originally much higher than the right - both have been shortened to be the same height.

Over the main alter is a magnificent stained glass window depicting the Ascension of Jesus. This was installed in 1927 and the other stained glass windows were installed from 1937 to 1953.

When the new Diocese of Yarmouth was created in 1953 St. Ambrose was chosen as its cathedral.

In 1995 the Parish of St. Ambrose celebrated its 150th anniversary. It is now the co-cathedral of the Diocese of Halifax-Yarmouth.

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