Milton Clock Tower

Each pewter ornament (2 3/8" dia.) is dated and identified on the reverse and comes with a card giving a history of the landmark.

Erected in 1911 at a cost of $1200.00, the original Milton Clock was donated by Mrs. Robert Caie. The mechanical works of the clock were manufactured by J. Smith and Sons, Midland Clock Works, Derby, England. Located in the tower at Milton Engine Company fire station, the clock was a local landmark until the station was destroyed by fire in 1989. The original clockworks were damaged in the fire. The clock in this contemporary tower located on Water Street, Yarmouth, N.S. towards the head of Yarmouth Harbour contains the original painted metal clock faces salvaged from the fire. These have been mounted in front of an electronic movement. The clock hands are replicas of the hands used with the original clockworks. The community name Milton originates from the presence of a cluster of water-powered grist, saw, and carding mills situated where Lake Milo empties into Yarmouth Harbour. Source: interpretative panel, Milton Clock Tower-Park

Price: 18.00